A Brief Introduction of AStar Group

AStar Group was established in 2017, it is the leading company which engaged in Research & developing, Import and Export of Electronic Bike Batteries, Power batteries and Storage batteries. Group is one of the largest professional green energy solution providers of India.

AStar Group is committed to the concept of leading technology and set up multinational research in India.

AStar (Black Gold and Silver alloy) Series high energy VRLA Battery, Lithium Batteries which specially designed based on Black Gold and Silver Alloy Technology, with large capacity, high current discharge ability, low temperature performance, and other advantages, so that the vehicle mileage increased by 10-30%.

AStar Group has made great breakthroughs in the study of increasing the specific energy of the battery through Technology, the active material utilization rate will be increased by 35-48%, and the battery life will be extended to 4-5 years, which will make greater contribution to energy storage industry.

Based on the mission and vision of “Advocate green energy, perfect human life” and “Determined to become a great company in new energy industry “, AStar Group hope to cooperate with friends from all sectors of society by a way of resource sharing, mutual benefit, common development and long-term coexistence, Sincerely!


Research & Development Capability

Innovation is always the genes of AStar Culture. Since the establishment of AStar, we have been loyally initiating and implementing the orientation and mission of “Green energy perfecting human life”. AStar has been insisting on a development path of technology innovation and development and have been paid a lot of attention on building of scientific research platform and an efficient scientific and technological talents group.


Since our establishment in 2017, AStar has steadily advanced to where it is now – China’s and India are leading manufacturers of lead-acid motive batteries for electric bikes. Attention to quality and commitment to environmental protection has characterized our progress. Following are some milestones that have marked our developments since establishment.


Hearing from the customers and providing initial power solution

Providing battery selection and sizing service to the customers according to the actual scenario provided

On-site inspection to provide customized solution to the customers upon request

Project Consultancy and Evaluation

Technical Training to the customers

Battery installation and maintenance knowledge sharing

Battery health check knowledge sharing

Battery on-operation health inspection upon customer’s request

Fault Analysis Trouble-shooting

Battery disposal method sharing and suggestion

Customer Service

AStar products have already been distributed in all over India, Nepal and Bangladesh, and local service facilities are being deployed in each region. AStar is committed to provide complete services including technical evaluation, technology training, warranty replacement service, fault analysis troubleshooting, battery maintenance service and battery disposal service, etc